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MAFC verses HFC (Hydrogen Fuel Cell)

  • MAFC is less expensive than HFC
  • MAFC technology is less complex
  • MAFC requires fewer components
  • MAFC requires no specialized manufacturing, HFC manufacturing is specialized
  • Magnesium is less volatile/combustible than hydrogen
  • No special fuel storage needed for magnesium, while hydrogen requires special storage container
  • Fuel for MAFC can either be magnesium or magnesium-alloy, while fuel (hydrogen) for HFC
    must be of relative high purity
  • Magnesium is more readily obtainable than hydrogen for the portable consumer products
  • MAFC electrolyte (salt water, sea water) is more environmentally friendly and less expensive than that for HFC
  • MAFC is easily transportable via plane (no special permit needed), HFC may need a permit but hydrogen will certainly need a special permit
  • MAFC is easily recycled
  • MAFC is very consumer friendly 
  • MAFC is more energy efficient per cell than HFC (90% vs 45% – 60%)
  • MAFC voltage is higher per cell than HFC (1.8 vs 0.8V)
  • MAFC operating temp is lower than HFC (55C vs 70-100C)
  • MAFC can operate at low temperatures (-20C), HFC does not operate very well at low temperatures
  • MAFC has indefinite storage life